William, Scottish physiologist and histologist, 1802-1880. See: Sharpey fibers.
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And he must have had a lot going for him to help produce athletes of the calibre of Crammy, Sharpey and Vince Wilson.
Other favorite roles include Sharpey in "High School Musical," with Clinton Community Theatre, and the title role in "Hello, Dolly," at Clinton High School.
The same goes for the back row, where Cameron Curry has done a good job for us, while Sharpey (Nick Sharpe) has had to fill the vacant lock spot.
I'm not sure, I guess that's for Sharpey and the coaches to decide," Pocock said.
This creates, presumably through the periosteum crossing Sharpey fibers penetrating the tibia, stress at the fascial adhesion site of the soleus muscle.
The microstructure is characterized by the wide pulp cavity of the scales, growth layers, dentine tubules and the enameloid layer in the crown, dentine tubules in the neck and criss-cross and Sharpey fibre tubules in the base (Fig.
Even now when I speak to Sharpey (Graeme) and he tells me just how fired up everyone used to get for the derby, I know I've missed something special.
And how will self-serving diva Sharpey (Ashley Tisdale)manoeuvre Gabrielle out of the spotlight to ensure she gets to Julliard rather than Troy, her choreographer brother Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), or songwriter Kelsi (Olesya Rulin)?
A"I've only been at the Force for just over a year and it's a massive honour to captain them, but now I have a 0-1 record as I hand it back to Sharpey.
Sharpey Schafer of Edinburgh devised the prone-pressure method of artificial respiration, which was used throughout the world until 1961 (when the Red Cross and others adopted CPR).
It is the only surface cleared by the FDA that establishes a physical, connective tissue attachment (unlike Sharpey fiber attachment).
Our back row are all 23, Sharpey is 25, Al Baxter 26 - they're all young.