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M., 20th-century Egyptian surgeon. See: Salah sternal puncture needle.
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He said the document outlining the truce terms was signed in Damascus by top Hamas leader Khaled Mashal and Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah,and came as a result of contacts between them and Marwan Barghouti,a leader of the Palestinian uprising jailed in Israel.
Hamid Raja Shalah al-Tikriti, the 10 of Spades on a set of cards showing Iraqi fugitives, was taken into custody by U.
Hamid Raja Shalah al-Tikriti, commander of Iraq's air force since 2001.
The Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, Abdullah Shami, called the attack 'part of our resistance,' and group official Ramadan Shalah said in Damascus, Syria, that it was meant to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the 1967 war in which Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem.
Officially entitled "The International Conference on the Palestinian Intifada," it featured delegates from 34 countries, including: Syrian vice president Muhammad Zahir Mosahareqa; Ali Akbar Mohtashemi, the head of the "reformist" faction in the Iranian parliament and a political ally of Iranian President Muhammad Khatami; Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah of the Lebanese Hezbollah; Khalid Mash'al of Hamas; and Ramadan Shalah of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
George Duggan will be joining the Coal Marketing Team as vice president, succeeding Sami Shalah, who is retiring in August.
A little girl, whose name and age were not immediately disclosed, was lightly wounded by two rockets that slammed into the Brital neighborhood of Wadi Shalah.
We reject the allegations that our tribe has adopted a measure not to have wedding parties for women and to confine the celebrations to men," Iqab Bin Mohammad Bin Shalah Al Mutairi, a senior member of the Shalaliha tribe, has said.
Hamas and the Jihad, in light of the existing dispute between Hamas and the Iranian regime that is maintaining its old ties - whether politically or through the provision of weapons - with Ramadan Shalah and his movement.
Ramadan Shalah is a very important player with a pivotal role that can shape the outcome of the current crisis.
The daily said that the meeting was attended by the chief of Hamas' political bureau Khaled Meshaal, the General Secretary of the "Islamic Jihad" movement Ramadan Shalah, in addition to PLO members and the chief of Egyptian Intelligence Murad Muwafi.
Identical rhetoric was uttered by Ramdan Shalah, the chief of Islamic