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Etymology: Ar, qahwah
the dried and roasted ripe seeds of Coffea arabica, C. liberica, and C. robusta trees that may have originated in Africa and now grow in almost all tropical areas. Coffee contains the alkaloid caffeine and is the basis for a stimulating drink that has been used in treating the common headache, chronic asthma, and narcotic poisoning.
A beverage prepared from dried ground beans of Coffea arabica, an African evergreen; the berries are rich in caffeine, which stimulates the CNS and cardiorespiratory system and results in mild addictive symptoms.
Lifestyle Cardiovascular system 5 cups/day have been only anecdotally associated with increased CAD, arrhythmia, increased LDL-C, and apoB; the data is weak
Surgery Coffee may have a positive impact on symptomatic gallstone disease
Alternative medicine Except for enemas in Gerson therapy, alternative health ‘providers’ regard coffee in a negative light, as (1) its effects are abrupt in onset—which is not ‘natural’; (2) it is a psychoactive and addictive; and (3) per the homeopathic construct, it has an ‘antidoting’ effect, and may cancel the effects of homeopathic remedies—patients being treated by a homeopath may be required to abstain from coffee
Drug slang A regional term for LSD
Homeopathy See Coffea


Lifestyle A beverage made from dried, roasted beans of the coffee tree–Coffea arabica, a moderate stimulant causing mild physical dependence


A mildly stimulating drink made from the roasted and ground seeds or beans of one of several trees of the genus Coffea, which grows in East Asia and Africa. The active element is CAFFEINE and medical scientists have been arguing for years whether or not coffee, in moderation, is harmful.


n Latin name:
Coffea spp.; part used: seeds; uses: digestive aid, appetite stimulant; increase alertness; increase circulation; increase bronchodilation; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients with heart disease; can cause palpitations, elevated blood pressure, restlessness, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, depression, nausea, heartburn, peptic ulcers, tremors. Also called
bean juice, cafó, espresso, and

Patient discussion about coffee

Q. How does coffee affect a diet? does it have an affect on metabolism? on losing weight?

A. Well, coffee can increase and to accelerate the beginning of burning fat during exercise (usually only after 20-30 minutes of exercise), but the overall effect is not that substantial. YOu should remember that it makes your kidney to produce more urine, so you should drink more.

Q. What is better for you tea or coffee? I like to drink both tea and coffee, but which is healthier for me and has less caffeine?

A. tea is much better than coffee because tea has antioxidants,which help the body,coffee does not and coffee has more caffine than tea.

Q. Is coffee so harmful? I am Saloni, 17 and a keen coffee-lover. Now-a-days, I drink lot of coffee which my brother has noticed and advised me to minimize the quantity. He also blames coffee for heart diseases and addiction status of the person. Is coffee so harmful?

A. The last response says "coffee is bad for you". This response gives no basis for its conclusion.

Coffee is served in hospitals. If coffee was really bad for you, then hospitals are doing bad things to patients and would have been sued for malpractice. A judge would laugh you right out of court for trying.

There are no FDA health warnings on coffee.

Coffee is served in restaurants everywhere in the world. Its everywhere in the work place. There aren't any rules concerning coffee.

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Shade coffee requires less pesticide (sometimes none), because undisturbed rainforest is home to birds and insects that devour coffee-plant pests.
Most of the existing shade coffee plantations in the New World lie in these small holdings.
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Washington, Dec 23 (ANI): A study has found that shade coffee farms, which grow coffee under a canopy of multiple tree species, are beneficial for native birds, bats and other creatures, maintain genetic diversity of native tree species, and, can act as focal points for tropical forest regeneration.
An additional benefit is the flavor of shade grown coffee: since coffee varieties present in shade coffee farms are the older plants, they produce fewer beans more slowly, and consequently offer a richer tasting coffee.