Sexual Function

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The constellation of mental aspects of sexuality—e.g., sexual arousal, sexual desire, sexual fantasies
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The study, led by the University of Houston, found that more than half of young cancer patients reported problems with sexual function, with the probability of reporting sexual dysfunction increasing over time.
67) at the level of sexual function compared to individuals with no history of the disease (30.
5-7) Although the literature has highlighted the relationship between SUI and sexual dysfunctions, there were still few studies about sexual function change after treatment of SUI.
In response to questionnaires, about 30 percent of patients indicated that sexual function was not relevant to them.
Just as there are various stages of the female sexual response, different types of FSD involve specific phases of sexual function.
Background: This study investigated the correlation between epicardial adipose tissue (EAT), a measure of central obesity, and sexual function in males with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction (ED).
Testosterone replacement therapy may improve sexual function and mood but not necessarily energy levels, suggests research published Feb.
An article in BioMed Research International reveals the outcome of a study that found improvements in sexual function among women who received a highly concentrated ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract.
Female sexual function is a complex process influenced by psychological, physiological, and individual factors.
However, there are not many studies that report attitude towards sexual function in menopause women and the available studies mentioned different or incoherent results.