Sexual Stereotype

A generalisation of a person’s abilities and limitations based on tendencies of that person’s sex
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And now the latest rejection of any kind of sexual stereotype is to become a 'They'.
the sexual stereotype and she did not complain about it.
At the height of the harassment, she bumped into Hitchcock's wife, Alma, a redhead who didn't fit his sexual stereotype, who knew what all was going on
For example, Garcia (1982; 1983) reported the well-defined sexual stereotype that men are more easily aroused than women (see also Basow, 1992).
Jespersen argued that the company's make-up requirement was premised on impermissible sexual stereotypes, effectively requiring her to meet a sexual stereotype of what a woman should look like.
33) Each case holds that discrimination on the basis of sex plus any characteristic based on a sexual stereotype is discrimination because of sex.
Hamamoto's theory would suggest that such a preference was grounded in a sexual stereotype of submissive Asian women.
This is outrageous, I can't believe he would resort to the sexual stereotype of women being expected to wait on men.
Times is cited for reinforcing the "exotic sexual stereotype of Native American men" by its title, "Indian men's love secrets aren't for sale.
For men, endorsing the traditional sexual stereotype may lead to feelings of guilt when they are reluctant to engage in sexual activity, as they believe average men are always amenable to any sexual opportunity.
I hate a sexual stereotype as much as the next woman and I'm sure there are female scientists involved in this interplanetary puzzler, but the whole life-on-Mars thing strikes me as a man issue.
The Big Lie is a powerful, uncompromising, uncomfortable, thought provoking, challenging and chilling read which exposes the 'zwischenraum'--'the space between'--the shades of grey between ideas of good and evil, sexual stereotypes, loyalty, duty and morality.