Sexual Favour

Any sexual act in a subservient-dominant relationship—e.g., employee-employer, student-professor, registrar-consultant—which is exchanged for privileged treatment in a workplace, better grades, career advancement, etc.
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According ot the police officers, the special squad will also patrol in different areas to at least discourage people allegedly involved in the illegal business, who roam on the roads and streets offering sexual favour.
A judge, who was accused of acquiring a sexual favour from a defendant in return for not ruling against her, said the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) has not taken any disciplinary action against him, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported.
He's rich but so mean and overbearing to wife Karen that he would only pay the phone bill if she did him a special sexual favour.
Not just as it could lead you into serious trouble but because, by accepting free lifts, never mind pounds 20 in return for a sexual favour, however mild, you're on the road to being, if not a pro, than an enthusiastic amateur.
The extent to which a girl will go to give a sexual favour depends on the colour of the bands they are wearing and which one the boy manages to snap in the game.
Janine had scored some free coke after granting Lee Vickers sexual favours, this despite the fact that most blokes would consider it a sexual favour if Janine refrained from sleeping with them.
Sania, who used to work as a packing girl at a factory, was dismissed when she refused to provide a sexual favour to her supervisor.
Please your lover all the way to bank with a sexual favour cheque.
Some people may think it would be a bit of a giggle for their boss to to ask for a sexual favour.
These scenes show everything from sexual harassment on the job, to expected sexual favours following a date.
the Bengaluru police for allegedly trapping aspiring models and actresses and seeking sexual favours in return for work.
The 31-year-old fashion designer was convicted of inciting debauchery by offering sexual favours in return for money.