Sex Addiction

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A mental condition characterised by a lack of control of one’s sexual behaviour; compulsive and ritualised sexuoerotic hyperactivity, often under specific conditions and in response to specific or stylised stimuli
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Her epic work The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, begun in 1979, offered a microcosmic social history in which she herself was--arguably--implicated.
And Nan Goldin is represented by Jimmy Paulette on David's Bike in New York, from her Ballad of Sexual Dependency series, showing a transvestite whizzing through the city.
In the adjacent room, Hopper's influence is evident in Nan Goldin's 700-slide diary projection, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1979-96).
As much for its faults as for its elegances, which are apparent in equal measure, Sexual Dependency is an instructive case study of the obstacles to achieving artistic representation of globalised society.
Other high-lights included the "Jealousy Tango" (Scully in top form), "Barbara Song" (Somerville at her languid best), "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency," "Alabama Song" and the finale, "Mack the Knife," sung first in German by a savage, sinister Embree, then by all six in English.
But perhaps this part of Bolivia's homophobic culture is beginning to change, due in small part, perhaps, to director Rodrigo Bellott's success with his Bolivian-American film, Sexual Dependency.
medical director of the Sexual Dependency Unit at Del Amo Hospital in Torrance, Calif.
Nevertheless, their sexual dependency remains intact.
SLAA was started 11 years ago by an American group who realised that sexual dependency was affecting lives in the same way as chemical addictions.
Presenting some of the most acclaimed and popular recent Latin American films to Washington, DC audiences for the first time, the 2004 Latin American Film Festival includes Chile's 2003 all-time box office topper, SEX WITH LOVE [Sexo con amor], plus international award winners STRANGE [Extrano] from Argentina; SEXUAL DEPENDENCY [Dependencia sexual] from Boliva; MAN OF THE YEAR [O homen do ano] from Brazil; MASTER, A BUILDING IN COPACABANA [Edificio Master] and DURVAL RECORDS [Durval discos] from Brazil; SUBTERRA, B-HAPPY and THE FIRST NIGHT [La primera noche] from Chile; SIN AMPARO from Colombia; and THE MYSTERY OF THE TRINIDAD [El misterio del Trinidad] and VERA from Mexico, among others.
At the beginning of the semester I juxtaposed two contemporaneous and archetypal photographic series of the late '70s and early '80s, Goldin's Ballad of Sexual Dependency and Cindy Sherman's "Untitled Film Stills.
Robert Heymann's 1931 Moral History of Sexual Dependency, officially endorsed by Berlin's Director of Public Hygiene, Dr.