Sexual Aversion

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An extreme form of sexual anhedonia in which a person regards sexual activity and images as repulsive and distasteful
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For example, research on the Westermarck Effect focusses on the effect of co-residence on sexual aversion among siblings.
2003), and to report overall sexual aversion (Birnbaum, 2007; Birnbaum, Reis, Mikulincer, Gillath, & Orpaz, 2006).
He reported sexual aversion and dissatisfaction with his wife, especially after the he started excessive porn watching.
FSD includes four categories: Sexual Desire Disorders (hypoactive sexual desire disorder[HSDD], sexual aversion disorder), Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD), Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD), and Sexual Pain Disorders (dyspareunia, vaginismus).
Female sexual dysfunction includes symptoms like sexual aversion, sexual arousal and orgasm problems, vaginismus, dyspareunia (7).
She has suffered from an emotional disorder, an adjustment disorder, dysthymia, sexual aversion and post traumatic stress disorder.
If any of this sounds familiar it is possible you are suffering from Sexual Aversion Disorder, a condition which results in people seeking to avoid any physical intimacy and developing a revulsion at the thought of sexual touch.
Maass, a sex therapist, discusses issues for women concerning sexual aversion and desire.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Sexual aversion appears to be far more common in patients with borderline personality disorder than has been previously recognized, Mary C.
One of the risks is that the patients may slip to a position of sexual aversion, in which they think all sex is bad.
Nor do other early literary examples of sexual aversion, when examined closely, hold up as instances of that peculiar revulsion to sex with the wrong person that signals a violation of one's psychological self and not just one's bodily self.
Sexual aversion, mistrust, or inhibition of sexual pleasure due to:

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