Sexual Assault Response Team

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A team of health care professionals—e.g., ER physician, forensic nurse, social worker—specifically trained in responding to victims of sexual assault—rape

sexual assault response team

A team of health care professionals–eg, ER physician, forensic nurse, social worker, specifically trained in responding to victims of sexual assault–rape; SARTs combine '…medicine, law enforcement, victim advocacy to ensure that rape survivors receive comprehensive medical attention, evidentiary examinations, emotional support, and referral information'. See Sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Response Team



A group of health care professionals who have had special preparation in the examination of rape victims. The training includes techniques for collecting, labeling, and storing evidence so it may be used in court proceedings concerning the person accused of rape and in psychological approaches to reduce the emotional trauma.
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The first Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Program in Santa Cruz, California, began in June 1986 and was registered nurse-based.
1) Kathleen Adams, left, clinical manager for Northridge Hospital Medical Center's Sexual Assault Response Team, and Bonnie Bailer, director of the hospital's Center for Healthier Communities, in a child's exam room.
That survivor had called the trauma center hotline and was met by an advocate at one of two hospitals in the area that have a sexual assault response team, Mission Community Hospital in Panorama City or Northridge Hospital Medical Center.
We worked with other members of the community to establish the Sexual Assault Response Team at Mission Community Hospital in Panorama City and are involved with the team at Northridge Hospital Medical Center.
Mission Community Hospital houses the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), which includes representatives from law enforcement, nurses and counselors.
Funded with a $500,000 check Katz secured from the 1996-97 state budget, the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) at the Panorama City hospital also will treat rape victims from the Los Angeles area.
PANORAMA CITY - Mission Community Hospital will receive a $500,000 check this morning to open the region's first multidisciplinary rape crisis center known as Sexual Assault Response Team or SART.
29)--and monitor its progress--to clarify how the agency will support its hospitals and staff in fulfilling the policy, in particular, that the hospitals or staff: (1) obtain training and certification in providing forensic medical exams; (2) obtain equipment like cameras needed to collect evidence; (3) provide medical forensic exams on site or at a referral facility within 2 hours of a patient's arrival; and (4) collaborate with law enforcement agencies, prosecution, and other stakeholders identified in the policy with the objective of creating sexual assault response teams and obtaining regular feedback from such stakeholders on evidence collection and preservation.
In addition, facilities using sexual assault response teams (SARTs) should have mechanisms in place to ensure that offenders are able to access outside victim advocates as well as facility mental health personnel.
Additionally, the PREA coordinator worked with the pilot sites to create and train institution sexual assault response teams (SARTs).
For example, ODOC has created facility-level Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) based on the time-tested community model.
It also established Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) at the secure facilities.

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