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A period of soil moisture that is inadequate for the needs of crops, animals and human beings
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Many are recent arrivals fleeing the severe drought that has plagued farmers in the region over the past three months.
This area suffered from severe drought in the 1980s which led to devastating famine.
In response to the state s severe drought, Caltrans launched a statewide educational campaign on the state s highways, urging all Californians to conserve water.
Jeffry Sachs, stressed here today on the significance of partnership between the United Nations and the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB), in order to tackle the acute challenges of food security, esepcially in countries that face severe drought and desertification.
14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With a severe drought killing trees in Texas, Oklahoma and elsewhere, Apache Corporation (NYSE, Nasdaq: APA) is working to reverse the damaging trend by donating thousands of trees in areas where the company operates.
Traveling with his cousin, Mohammed left his home in Buale, Somalia, three weeks earlier because severe drought killed most of their animals.
A SEvERE drought is driving reclusive bears into urban areas of Texas and other parts of Western America.
As well as the sizzling heat, Britain - and this region - was in the middle of a severe drought.
The severe drought which started in April has so far affected 34.
The United Nations and aid groups warned of a possible looming catastrophe as a severe drought plunged millions of Somalis into crisis after rains failed for several consecutive seasons in the Horn of Africa nation.
Parts of northern and western India, specially Rajasthan and Gujarat, have suffered severe drought with many lakes, reservoirs and canals drying up-sending the prices of food and fodder beyond affordable limits for many.
Under drought conditions, fires blaze through all kinds of woodlands - and proposed solutions to reduce fire hazard, such as thinning forests, ultimately have little effect upon fire spread under severe drought conditions.

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