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n See offset.
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The statute now requires a setoff post-verdict to effectuate the legislative policy behind the statute.
Banks jealously guard the common law right of setoff.
The metaphysics of setoff have never been well understood.
16) Therefore, when dealing with the issue of credits and setoffs at the time of sale, the income tax benefits attained by the party taking the income tax deduction should be carefully analyzed and taken into account pursuant to F.
Attorneys need to carefully analyze the facts of their case in order to determine whether credits and setoffs are appropriate.
Where, prior to the prepayment, an execution has been served and a levy accomplished, the debtor is divested of the claim against the garnishee and can no longer exercise the setoff right.
To summarize, prepayment defeats the ABKCO style levy because Debtor & Creditor Law section 151 always authorizes the setoff of a previously encumbered obligation.
1951), that permitted a claim for recovery of 50 percent of the fair rental value for the use of the homestead as a setoff to a 50 percent credit of the reimbursable household expenses.
81 but before application of a setoff in accordance with [section][section]46.
2002) (noting that setoff was "the litigation du jour for personal injury practitioners"), rev.
the value of extended setoff than do decentralized traders with many
this setoff advantage in the clearinghouse, allowing for smaller players