SetPoint System

SetPoint™ System

A proprietary treatment platform designed to provide rapid, precise and reliable management of patient temperature in the ER, OR, CCU, cath lab, stroke unit, etc.
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The SetPoint system is currently being evaluated in clinical trials of endovascular therapeutic cooling in cases of heart attack and stroke.
While both the SetPoint System and WavSTAT Forceps are both examples of new devices on the market, biolitec, Inc.
The offering of the Federal cases within the Setpoint system is intended to make their custom cartridges even more affordable for precision shooters.
This process is fully automated on custom machinery designed and built by Setpoint Systems.
Ogden - SETPOINT SYSTEMS won a contract with Tesla Motors of Palo Alto, Calif.
In 1992, co-founders Joe Cornwell and Joe Van Den Berghe started Setpoint Systems as a 2-man engineering firm.
Ogden - SETPOINT SYSTEMS, a designer and manufacturer of custom lean automation solutions and manufacturing equipment, announced a new $11.
Mark Coy, President of Setpoint Systems, noted that Aardema is a valuable and welcome addition to the Setpoint team.
OGDEN, Utah -- Setpoint Ammunition, a company recently launched by Setpoint Systems Inc.
This is a new way of looking at case manufacturing," said Clark Carlile, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Setpoint Systems.
This add-on contract lends great validation to our lean automation practices and procedures," said Clark Carlile, Vice President of sales and marketing at Setpoint Systems.
The contract calls for Setpoint Systems to build seven 7.