serum separator tube

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marble-top tube

Any of a number of blood collection tubes which contain a special gel that separates cells from serum and material that causes clotting. The blood is then centrifuged, allowing easy removal of serum for testing.

ser·um sep·a·ra·tor tube

(SST) (sēr'ŭm sep'ăr-ā'tŏr tūb)
A blood collection tube containing a clot activator and a mass of gel with a density between those of serum and cells. During centrifugation, the gel comes to lie between serum and cells. Prevents contact between serum and cells.
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Interference caused by the contents of serum separator tubes in the VITROS CRP assay.
Previous studies have suggested that serum separator tubes may have small analytical effects on many assays, but apart from the problem with therapeutic drugs, none of these effects was considered to be clinically significant (1, 3, 5-13).
In addition, the water-soluble silicone polymer coating the interior of serum separator tubes has been shown to interfere negatively with avidin-biotin binding in an IRMA for thyrotropin, prolactin, and human chorionic gonadotropin (25).
Serum separator tubes contain polymeric gels with several constituents to adjust viscosity, density, and other physical properties.
Serum was collected into serum separator tubes (Sarstedt) and centrifuged at 20008 for 10 min immediately after arriving in our laboratory.
Vacutainer[R] serum separator tubes (SST[R] II) and plasma separator tubes (PST[R] II) manufactured by Becton Dickinson are widely used for blood collection.
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Venous blood was collected from each of 10, nonfasting volunteers after antecubital venipuncture into 15 sterile (unopened) 5-mL Vacutainer [R] Serum Separator Tubes with clot activator (SST; Becton Dickinson) and 15 sterile (unopened) 4.
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Two specimens collected in tiger top serum separator tubes produced spuriously high aluminum values and were excluded from further analysis.
Briefly, venous blood was collected after phlebotomy simultaneously into serum separator tubes (cat.