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Serostim is used to treat AIDS wasting, a condition involving profound involuntary weight loss in AIDS patients.
Serono Labs conspired with RJL to increase the market for the devices/software in order to increase the market for Serostim, federal officials alleged.
The counterfeit material was neither manufactured nor distributed by Serono and is definitely not Serostim [R].
EMD Serono has a major presence in the area of HIV-associated disorders and growth hormone with drugs such as Serostim.
Miner represented a former regional sales manager for a biotech company who was charged with health care fraud and fraud in federal programs in connection with the marketing of the drug Serostim.
The NLJ also cited HBSS's work in the Serono International case, a settlement involving the off-label marketing of the AIDS drug Serostim, and a settlement that addressed the United States' role in withholding property of Jewish Holocaust victims seized by the Nazis at end of World War II.
Even though research is underway to prove the efficacy of somatropin in several other indications, manufacturers are reluctant to file for marketing approval ever since the EMEA declined approval for Serostim, Merck-Serono's hGH product for AIDS-related wasting.
1 million, reflecting a charge of US$725 million taken relating to the settlement of the US Attorney's Office investigation of Serostim.
The global resolution also ensured that the federal Medicaid program and each of the State Medicaid agencies who paid any claims for Serostim during the time frame of the investigation, 1996 through 2004, would recoup every dollar paid.
The Company has six recombinant products on the market, Gonal-F(R) (follitropin alfa for injection), Luveris (R) (lutropin alfa), Ovidrel (R) /Ovitrelle (R) (choriogonadotropin alfa for injection), Rebif (R) (interferon beta-1a), Serostim (R) [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] and Saizen (R) [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection].