Serious Misconduct

A euphemism in the science community for overt and/or intentional fraud or fabrication of research data
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There will also be a new informal resolution system to handle less serious misconduct complaints more speedily.
A doctor who provided a false sick note for an undercover journalist has been suspended for four weeks after being found guilty of serious misconduct.
Birmingham County FA have suspended the entire Borough Arms club, whose players have been charged with serious misconduct.
The LAPD needs a strong disciplinary system that severely punishes serious misconduct, appropriately punishes minor misconduct or poor judgment and dismisses frivolous allegations immediately.
What should law enforcement agencies do if a citizen levels charges of serious misconduct against their officers?
A NURSE has been struck off for serious misconduct after being caught playing hide-and-seek in bed with a patient.
It makes it possible for police officers who have committed serious misconduct - or have breached the great trust put in the office of constable - to be able to retire on full pension, with no further investigation or sanction taking place.
Secondly, normal HR practice is to suspend an employee on full pay when accused of serious misconduct in order to allow a full and proper investigation to take place.
The 21-year-old was suspended nine days ago pending an investigation in allegations of serious misconduct, which were based on complaints from fans about offensive gestures he made to them during and after Saints' shock 27-16 home defeat by Harlequins a fortnight ago.
Parag Bhatt faces being struck off by the General Medical Council on charges of serious misconduct after it was revealed that he fondled the breasts of six patients and groped others over a five-month period while working as a GP in Rotherham.
Former Ireland lock Trevor Brennan has been handed a lifetime playing ban with disciplinary chiefs noting they 'could not envisage a more serious misconduct in relation to spectators'.
And the former head of the Metropolitan Police has agreed that any cases of serious misconduct will be passed on to Scotland Yard's Fraud Squad.
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