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Herbal medicine
(1) Potentilla erecta; erect cinquefoil, see there.
(2) Potentilla reptans, a perennial herb; it is antidiarrhoeal, antipyretic, astringent and tonic, and has been used to treat nasal and oral bleeding, sore throat and toothaches.

tormentil (torˑ·mn·til),

n Latin names:
Geranium maculatum L,
Potentilla erecta L,
Potentilla tormentilla; parts used: dried herb and rhizome; uses: antioxidant, astringent, styptic, vulnerary, tonic, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, fever, laryngitis, pharyngitis, gums, mouth sores, hemorrhoids (topical), vaginal infections, conjunctivitis; precautions: none known. Also called
alum bloom, alumroot, American cranesbill, biscuits, bloodroot, chocolate flower, common tormentil, crowfoot, dove's foot, English sarsaparilla, geranium, old maid's nightcap, red root, septfoil, shameface, shepherd's knapperty, shepherd's knot, spotted cranesbill, storksbill, thormantle, wild cranesbill, or
wild geranium.