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city in Korea where the virus was first isolated.
Seoul virus - a species of Hantavirus causing hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.
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Other expansions to the Wolfson team in Asia include new applications engineers in Tokyo, Shenzhen and Seoul.
17 acre (10,000 pyung) site is one of the last remaining vacant parcels available for development in Yeouido, a sub-market of Seoul.
Brutomeso, professor at the Venice School of Architecture commented that, "The CheongGyeCheon Restoration Project will breathe new life into Downtown Seoul.
Menlo Worldwide also has a forwarding and country administration office in downtown Seoul.
The store will be located in the COEX business and shopping district of Seoul.
The events will be held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul.
The restaurant is in a high-rise office building located in close proximity to the largest university in Seoul.
The Nokia Venture Partners office is located in the Teheran Valley in Seoul.
We made a deliberate choice to set up our headquarters in Seoul.
Oakwood Premier combines the luxury of a private home with the services and flexibility of a five-star hotel," said Neil Harvey, Oakwood's general manager in Seoul.
Department of Transportation to grant us fifth-freedom rights between Hong Kong and Seoul.
Additionally, the use of Tantivy's proprietary intelligent array antenna in the TAU subscriber devices enabled the I-CDMA system to achieve impressive near symmetrical results in the dense RF environment of downtown Seoul.