(zĕm′əl-vīs′), Ignaz Philipp 1818-1865.
Hungarian physician who pioneered the use of antiseptics in obstetrics as the result of his discovery that puerperal fever is a form of septicemia. His methods reduced mortalities but were not widely adopted until after his death.
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One of the highlights of his international career was delivering the Semmelweiss Lecture on "Lessons from lavage and colonic trauma" at the Surgical Infection Society of Europe congress in Vienna in 1994.
3) Department of Organic Chemistry, Semmelweiss University, Hogyes Endre Utca 7, Budapest 1095, Hungary
Remember that "Authorities" in Vienna murdered Dr Semmelweiss for doing and preaching what was right (history says they strangled him); and USA "Authorities" mercilessly persecuted nuclear advisor Richard Barlow, nurse Margaret Sanger, Drs Jonathan Wright and Guylaine Lanctot for doing what was right.
We have reached the point that Semmelweiss noted in Vienna in the 1800s: women who deliver outside the hospital are less likely to die than those who deliver inside.
Wollmer of Semmelweiss University in Hamburg, Germany, assigned 30 patients with major depression to receive adjuvant treatment in the form of botulinum toxin A (n = 15) or saline injections to the glabellar region of the face.
In 1965, Professor Endre Mester began to study the biomodulating effects of low intensity laser therapy (LILT) on human tissue at Semmelweiss University in Budapest.
panfletos y una biografia del doctor Semmelweiss, en su obra nadie se salva, ni los ninos ni los ancianos, tampoco caben los sonadores ni los enamorados, su escritura es un reclamo y un alarido: tensa, nerviosa, incluso repulsiva y de erotismo lodoso; Celine tuvo como obsesion las tribulaciones del hombre desde lo individual (la infancia jodida, la adolescencia triste y llena de violencia, la edad adulta de sensualidades podridas, lesiones de guerra y contemplacion de atrocidades) a lo universal (fue testigo de bombardeos, de destierro y escapada, hablo de las guerras mundiales porque fue parte activa de su delirio), y en toda su obra literaria el es juez y condenado, hilaridad y aullido, dolor intenso que eleva su rencor.
Think of Ignaz Semmelweiss and Vincent van Gogh, for instance.
to Semmelweiss ("That's funny; when I scrub my hands with soap, less of my patients die giving birth.
The theory of the Internet is like the theory of disease before Semmelweiss and Pasteur.
The first such example appears within the narrative of the aforementioned microbiology lecture, which, in its praise of European science, incorporates the story of the Hungarian sanitarista, Ignaz Semmelweiss (1818-1865).