self-tapping screw

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self-tapping screw,

n a screw that cuts its own spiral threads into bone or tooth structure.
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I installed a 90-degree chain-link fence corner connector at the top of each leg assembly and screwed a self-tapping screw through it into the 1 1/8" top pipe.
The difference between Picasso I and Picasso II is the double-lead thread and self-tapping, anodized screw that streamlines the implant process," said Estella Baytan, vice president of marketing and clinical operations.
For an order of 150 self-tapping screws in 30 different sizes, eliminating the time it would take an operator to inspect each self-tapping screw under a microscope saved two to three minutes per piece.
Based on Nilfisk's input, Composite Products developed a material formulation of glass fiber-reinforced PP that could accept self-tapping fasteners, thereby eliminating the need for molded-in inserts.
Called GARDSERTS, the kit tunas thread repair into a two-step process: drilling a hole with a standard drill bit and then inserting a self-tapping insert either manually with a bolt or driving the insert in with an impact wrench.
To make registration plates more secure, use double-sided adhesive tape and self-tapping screws.
Find a location on your stand, drill one small diameter hole, and then use the double-sided tape and self-tapping screw to secure it firmly to your stand.
The pump attaches to the hub via a patented quick-connect fitting and two self-tapping screws that attach to nylon inserts in the wheel.
This can be seen in the polycarbonate valance, for example, which is applied in double sheets and screwed, almost crudely, to the supporting pipe columns with self-tapping screws.
will introduce the self-tapping PT screw, designed for direct fastening into filled and unfilled thermoplastics.
To facilitate use by surgeons, the VERTEX Reconstruction System features top-loading screws with greater flexibility in screw placement, self-tapping screws that eliminate an operational procedural step, rotating saddles that reduce rod contouring and color-coded instrumentation that corresponds with the appropriate implant.
Tenders are invited for Kit Flexible Joints with Self-Tapping Screws.