Self Policing

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Referring to any practice in which the members of a profession set and enforce quality-of-care standards and practise parameters
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Even several state attorneys general who have been briefed on the NAD's activities say they are assured that further state intervention into supplement advertising may not be necessary in light of self-policing by the industry itself.
The failed pubco model is decimating the pub industry and the Government should tear up the notion that self-policing these industry codes of practice will save it.
We operate a well publicised self-policing social media policy that all employees are aware of and fully understand.
Summary: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out at anti-greed Occupy Wall Street activists Thursday after reports of self-policing, his patience seeming to wear thin with the seven-week old movement.
In a roundtable with Hispanic journalists, Obama also said that Israel would "hurt itself" if it retaliated to any such action by withdrawing resources that in any way harmed Palestinian self-policing efforts.
When we say that VAT is a self-policing and self-assessment system, it means that the people transacting business under VAT mode have an incentive to report their business transactions.
s self-policing _ which has seriously eroded in the past year and a half _ and its secrecy and bureaucracy in handling major cases of fraud and corruption.
As a voluntary initiative, the code will be self-policing, but by openly listing supporters, we are confident all those companies that sign up will be fully compliant.
Therefore more and more policies and controlling practices are aimed at enhancing a self-policing environment.
The key change we do have in English football now is there is self-policing, peer pressure which supporters who understand the implications can put on fans who are involved in abuse.
Such self-policing is in the business owner's interest and should help curb illegal trade.
People Sport can reveal that bosses will launch a self-policing clampdown to protect referees.