Self Policing

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Referring to any practice in which the members of a profession set and enforce quality-of-care standards and practise parameters
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NEW YORK: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out at anti-greed Occupy Wall Street activists Thursday after reports of self-policing, his patience seeming to wear thin with the seven-week old movement.
Obama warned that if Israel retaliated to a Palestinian bid for recognition in a way that harmed Palestinian financing for self-policing "that would only hurt Israel, not help Israel.
When we say that VAT is a self-policing and self-assessment system, it means that the people transacting business under VAT mode have an incentive to report their business transactions.
s self-policing _ which has seriously eroded in the past year and a half _ and its secrecy and bureaucracy in handling major cases of fraud and corruption.
As a voluntary initiative, the code will be self-policing, but by openly listing supporters, we are confident all those companies that sign up will be fully compliant.
Therefore more and more policies and controlling practices are aimed at enhancing a self-policing environment.
The key change we do have in English football now is there is self-policing, peer pressure which supporters who understand the implications can put on fans who are involved in abuse.
Such self-policing is in the business owner's interest and should help curb illegal trade.
People Sport can reveal that bosses will launch a self-policing clampdown to protect referees.
There is an on-going debate in both the theoretical and empirical literature about the effectiveness of self-policing policies such as the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Audit Policy.
The Deregulatory State takes many subtle forms, including self-policing, so that industry discloses and corrects its own safety violations; incapacitating, so that agencies are starved of expertise and resources; devolving, so that residual regulation is focused at the local level; preempting, so that the federal government denies states the authority to protect their citizens; and privatizing, so that government functions are conducted by "for-profit" or voluntary entities.
Responding to the "disturbing" report, the commission demanded that the LAPD improve its self-policing and explain why internal investigators have been slow to implement long-standing demands of the department.