Self Pay

A popular term for a person who pays out of pocket for a health-related service in absence of insurance to cover the medical or surgical procedure performed
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A multiple regression model was used in order to predict, according to Portney and Watkins (2000) an outcome of reimbursement rates based on identifiable factor such as patients differing sources of insurance Those differing sources included: private (3rd party) insurance, self pay, Medicare and Medicaid.
43% 8,750,231 15,453,744 10,062,347 HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS SELF PAY 62,751 25.
In addition to collecting and following up with patients and guarantors on referred accounts, Apollo will maintain a customer service telephone line for incoming self pay patient inquiries.
MedeFinance (Mede), the leading healthcare analytics company, announced its most recent expansion of advanced analytics solutions at Orlando Health to include Self Pay Analytics Solutions for outpatient physicians groups.
today announced that they have entered into an alliance that will enable SSI's ClickON[R] PREVENT customers to access nTelagent's proprietary front-end business solution, the Self Pay Management System (SPMS).
Fitch's primary concerns include an increased debt burden, a competitive service area, the lack of a state certificate of need, and high Medicaid and self pay load.
Hospitals nationwide need comprehensive solutions to optimize self pay collections because it is an increasingly growing component of everyone's revenue," said Jim Quist, Chairman and CEO of MedeFinance.
5% of gross revenues from Medicaid payors and 7% from self pay payors.
As an increasing number of state laws are being proposed that require healthcare organizations to establish documented processes for disbursing charity care to self pay patients, automation is becoming an operational necessity," said Marty Callahan, TransUnion's vice president of Business Development - Healthcare.
Fitch's primary concerns include the competitive service area, lack of a state certificate of need, and high Medicaid and self pay load.
Higher self pay will affect every hospital based on this fact, it makes sense for healthcare providers to become better prepared and have a new workflow approach based on a sophisticated, healthcare-specific scoring model.
Expenditure on the private sector is segmented into self pay and dental plans, while expenditure on NHS dentistry is segmented into NHS expenditure and patient self-pay.