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Cysteine containing selenium in place of one sulfur atom.


The biologically active form of selenium when attached to cysteine, an amino acid.
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Selenium in the form of the selenoprotein, selenocysteine, is present at the catalytic site of glutathione peroxidase.
It is present in the body mainly in compound form, as selenocysteine.
GRO Biosciences is addressing the challenge of therapeutic protein instability by replacing disulfide-bond-forming cysteine amino acid residues with selenocysteine, a naturally-occurring amino acid that is rarely incorporated into proteins, but is found in the cell.
Apart from possessing Cys desulfurase activity, NifS-like proteins can also be characterized as SeCys lyases able to cleave selenocysteine to form alanine and elemental selenium (Mihara et al.
Its own codon enables its incorporation into proteins as selenocysteine (3).
SeP contains ten selenocysteine residues and functions as a selenium-supplying protein (Saito et al.
The topics include the molecular regulation of selenocysteine incorporation into proteins in eukaryotes, a historical view of redox cycling and the toxicity of selenium compounds, forms of selenium in cancer prevention, multifaceted and intriguing effects of selenium and selenoproteins on glucose metabolism and diabetes, and the functionality and disease risk of genetic polymorphisms in selenoprotein genes.
These are in turn joined via selenophosphate to form selenocysteine.
1999) Functional expression of rat thioredoxin reductase: selenocysteine insertion sequence element is essential for the active enzyme.
Additionally selenium is a part of selenocysteine and selenomethionine proteins, the main amino acid constituent of these enzymes is selenocysteine, located in the active sites?