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Lee G., 20th-century U.S. medical technologist. See: Luna-Ishak stain.


Laparoscopic uterine nerve ablation Gynecology A procedure for treating pelvic pain consisting in disrupting the uterine nerves. See Pelvic inflammatory disease.
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26) By granting Cleopatra Selene and through her, her mother, territory that had originally been part of the Ptolemaic Empire, Antonius was effectively reversing its comparatively recent annexation.
Selene calls Janet every now and then--whenever that sensors alert her that Janet is having a crisis--and that is a great comfort.
The Selene, short for the selenological and engineering explorer or moon explorer, is an artificial satellite that aims to collect detailed scientific data on ''the formation of the moon and its transitional history up to today,'' the state-run space agency said.
In addition, Fitch believes Selene's high touch model of servicing loans at risk or delinquent, as well as their investor portal, will allow Selene to add value to a prime portfolio.
Litton was previously the CEO of Selene Finance and had joined the firm in 2011.
vvbr c Sickle (1924, Phalaris - Selene, by Chaucer).
Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is captured and cryogenically imprisoned until 12-year-old Eve (India Eisley) rouses her from her icy slumber.
The 38-year-old has played vampire warrior Selene since 2003 and the fourth instalment, Underworld: Awakening, topped the U.
Now a prisoner of Rome when a war destroys her world, Selene vows to reclaim her heritage, gathers support for her return, and eventually finds herself in conflict over two young men and different roads to power.
Mother Selene, from Rugby, said yesterday: "She's clocked up more Glastonburys than most of the people here.
And fans of Kate's usual glossy brunette look will be happy to hear she begins shooting Underworld 4 - in which she plays vampire warrior Selene - in March.
A topping out ceremony was held for El Jardin de Selene, a new LEED Silver affordable apartment development at Melrose Avenue and East 158th Street in the Melrose section of the Bronx.