Selective Intervention

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Measures of suicide prevention aimed at a particular subgroup of a population that is viewed as being at a higher than normal risk of suicide
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Selective prevention focuses on women of childbearing age who may misuse alcohol.
The investigators contend that "current practices undoubtedly miss opportunities to detect and reduce risks," and they urge further research into the extent to which selective prevention practices have "a positive impact on personal and public health.
In addition, it also facilitates the migration of IDS use from the initial detection-only phase to detection with selective prevention.
Selective prevention approaches target women of reproductive age who drink alcohol.
Selective prevention targets all women in their reproductive years who drink alcohol (although most studies target heavy drinkers).
An ongoing randomized clinical trial is extending these selective prevention efforts by applying them to an indicated prevention program.
Another selective prevention approach that was part of the Developing Effective Educational Resources (DEER) project examined the exposure and reactions to warnings about drinking during pregnancy in samples of 321 pregnant Native Americans and African Americans living in the Northern California Bay area and Los Angeles.
1999), is a selective prevention effort to prevent alcohol exposure during pregnancy among women of childbearing age in special settings.
Patent #6,690,940 entitled "System for Selective Prevention of Non-Emergency Use of an Electronic Device.
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