Selective Intervention

Measures of suicide prevention aimed at a particular subgroup of a population that is viewed as being at a higher than normal risk of suicide
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Whenever there was imperfect information or incomplete markets -as is always the case-there is a presumption that markets are inefficient and selective intervention can improve well-being.
The State Bank of Pakistan made selective intervention (pumping dollars into the market) to see the rupee closing at its desired level,' the seasoned banker added.
Specifically designed selective intervention programs for those who experience multiple childhood adversities 6 such as cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness training 6 can be particularly beneficial.
The Government's commitment to selective intervention, with a focus on science, research and innovation; affordable energy and infrastructure; skills, exports and inward investment, is outlined in the paper.
sup][10] Emergency procedure was reported to be an independent risk factor of CI-AKI, and CI-AKI rate in emergency PCI patients is significantly higher than in those undergoing selective intervention.
Among her topics are measuring students' well-being, the theoretical framework underpinning the design and development of positive psychology interventions, the well-being promotion program: a selective intervention for adolescents, family-focused strategies for promoting youth happiness, and integrating positive psychology in a multi-tiered system of support.
The role of social media in claims goes far beyond just monitoring, analysis and selective intervention, however.
Jinglie stressed that the US and the western powers seek to turn the Mediterranean into a "NATO's internal lake"; and for this purpose they tried weakening Syria and Iran to establish a "Great Middle East" through their selective intervention policy which serves the western interests and ambitions only.
The authors of the article concluded that pre-transplant assessment of donor-specific and nonspecific immune parameters with ImmuKnow "may identify recipients who can benefit from closer clinical and immunological surveillance to allow for tailored immunosuppression and selective intervention aimed at optimizing both short and long-term graft outcome.
However, the selective intervention must be with the few critical players in the network who can help orchestrate multiple behavior changes necessary to break out of the status quo and set the market on a path to the endgame.
The Court ruled that any kind of prior-approval scheme for setting premiums goes against the Directive and added that the Italian regime amounts to selective intervention.
There could be direct but selective intervention aimed at altering the educational, legal, economic and information systems in the region.
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