Seldinger, Sven Ivar

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Sven Ivar, Swedish radiologist, 1921–.
Seldinger cardiac catheterization
Seldinger catheter
Seldinger intubation technique
Seldinger method
Seldinger needle
Seldinger retrograde wire
Seldinger technique - a method of percutaneous insertion of a catheter into an artery or vein.
Seldinger wire
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James Donegan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Med-Design, commented, "The quarter was highlighted by an increase in the sales of the Safety Seldinger Needle by MedAmicus, who continues to close contracts with major customers.
under which MedAmicus will manufacture and distribute the Safety Seldinger Needle into the arterial access market.
On October 15, 2001, the Company received the up-front license fee payment of $2,000,000 from MedAmicus under the terms of the agreement for the licensing of the Seldinger Needle Device into the arterial access market.
Third, MedAmicus began shipping units of its venous access Seldinger Needle Device to OEM customers.
With the recent FDA clearance of the Safety Seldinger Needle that we had licensed to MedAmicus, the FDA has cleared four products for market launch that are royalty-bearing to Med-Design.
Second, MedAmicus announced the filing of a 510(K) application with the United States Food and Drug Administration, which received clearance on July 10, 2001, for the Safety Seldinger Needle that was licensed from and co-developed by Med-Design.
There are important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward looking statements including delays in introduction of the Safety Seldinger Needle due to manufacturing difficulties or other factors and other factors discussed in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Our principal accomplishment was the licensing to Becton Dickinson of several patents relating to our syringe products and licensing to Med Amicus our Safety Seldinger Needle.
We have licensed our Safety Seldinger Needle to MedAmicus in an agreement that should provide an exceptional royalty from sales in a high value niche market.
Med-Design and MedAmicus have tentatively determined that the Safety Seldinger Needle product will launch in the United States during the early summer, 2001.
Safety Seldinger Needle Device and a New Cardiovascular Product Is
MedAmicus will market the Safety Seldinger Needle initially to its customer base in the venous access market including pacing, port and dialysis applications, as it explores with Med-Design channels of distribution into other potential markets.