Sven Ivar, 20th-century Swedish radiologist. See: Seldinger technique.
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The power-injectable catheter is delivered by means of The WAND's[R] proprietary Accelerated Seldinger Technique, which also protects healthcare workers from dangerous accidental needlesticks.
Prior Information Notice: "catheters for radial artery, femoral catheter and seldinger type ~destined to general hospital universitario gregorio maranon.
The single wall puncture modified Seldinger technique using a 12 gauge catheter kit was adopted.
The US report also includes coverage of anti-microbial coated and power-injectable devices, while the Japanese report covers central venous catheters that can be placed using a direct puncture or Seldinger technique to name just a few.
Funds Will Be Used to Commercialize POWERWAND: Extended-Dwell, Power-Injectable IV Catheter for Accelerated Seldinger Technique
One central venous catheter Seldinger 2 way G 18 BUC 220 5280
Predilation was performed with the small kit dilator over the guidewire, by using the Seldinger technique.
Access Scientific produces The WAND[R] line of catheters that make possible the proprietary Accelerated Seldinger Technique.
Studies comparing a Seldinger-based cricothyroidotomy technique with the standard surgical technique in human cadavers have shown a success rate ranging from 88 to 93% with Seldinger technique compared to 84 to 86% with the surgical technique (7,8).
Set the vena cava catheterization by Seldinger method - adults - single lumen;