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According to Assistance Dogs International (ADI), the cost of raising and training a specialized service or seizure response dog is about $10,000 a year.
Anyone interested in being placed with a Canine Assistants seizure response dog must fill out an application.
Since their partnership with UCB began in 2005, they have been especially busy training seizure response dogs.
ATLANTA, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Spencer Wyatt, an 8-year-old boy living with epilepsy, and his mother Amy receive a seizure response dog from Canine Assistants and UCB, Inc.
Seizure response dogs are taught to respond in the event of a seizure in various ways such as barking to alert family members or helping their human partner safely toward the ground.
When my son was diagnosed with epilepsy, I quickly learned that controlling seizures is only the first step; it's about improving his total quality of life," said Priscilla whose son Sean has received the first seizure response dog supported by the partnership between UCB and Canine Assistants.
For epilepsy patients and their caregivers, getting a seizure response dog can mean the beginning of a new life for the entire family.
UCB has been the primary sponsor of Canine Assistants seizure response dogs since 2005, providing substantial monetary support for seizure response dogs for people who need them.
Seizure Response Dogs can get help (retrieve a phone, tap a K-9 rescue phone button which calls the operator and then 911, bark for help), reorient a person after a seizure, nudge a person who is having an absence seizure, provide emotional support, carry meds and client information.
Seizure response dogs are trained to pull potentially dangerous objects out of the way when their patient has an epileptic fit.
In honor of Epilepsy Awareness month, UCB is sponsoring "A Cause for Paws," a donation drive that will benefit longtime partner Canine Assistants, an organization that helps people with epilepsy lead more independent lives by providing them with seizure response dogs.
In time for Epilepsy Awareness Month, the non-profit organization Canine Assistants and UCB Pharma, Inc announced a multi-year partnership to sponsor seizure response dogs for epilepsy patients across the U.