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Erich, German ophthalmologist, 1882-1946. See: Seidel scotoma, Seidel sign.
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John Seidl is an industry leader with a clear focus on customer satisfaction.
As software entrepreneurs for more than 13 years, Carol and Andy Seidl have successfully built and sold two software product lines and are actively building their second software company, Genitor Corporation.
Seidl is a trustee at Boston College, active in the Young President's Organization, and is a member of the board of the Massachusetts Mentoring Partnership.
Seidl cited CellNet's fast growing networks, contract backlog and the rapid adoption of its technology as strong evidence of the market's development.
Moreover, of the survey respondents who reported a positive ROI from their KM program, 85 percent of the law firms and 78 percent of the law departments indicated that their KM program either meets or exceeds their targeted ROI," said Seidl.
Seidl usually does not explain them on first use--a tendency that can confuse the reader.
After individual studies of coupling, conformity, and small-town and big-city hypocrisy (Dog Days [2001]), the church (Jesus, You Know [2003]), and East--West relations (Import/Export [2007]), Seidl has delivered the Paradise trilogy, a stunning culmination--indeed, an escalation--of his previous work.
As Moral Fire elaborates, their activities overlap in numerous ways, but especially through Anton Seidl and Antonin Dvorak, whose American visit spurred vigorous debate about the formation of a national school of composition.
Last at the festival here with Import/Export (2007), a bleak tale of lost souls making their way through the economic backwaters of the new Europe, Seidl returns to the Cannes competition this year with Paradise: Love, another story of exploitation across borders.
She said her faith in Seidl as a director gave her the confidence to expose herself to such an extent.
Wolfgang Seidl, head of Mercer's healthcare consulting business, said: "Companies recognise that a healthy, happy workforce is a productive one and this feeds directly into the bottom line.
Press Contact: haberlein & mauerer AG, Tanya Seidl, Philipp Kloeters, Franz-Joseph-Strasse 1, D 80801 Munich Tel.