Albert, U.S. embryologist, 1850-1910. See: Seessel pocket, Seessel pouch.
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See Ben Seessel, Comment, The Bermuda Reinsurance 'Loophole': A Case Study of Tax Shelters and Tax Havens in the Globalizing Economy, 32 U.
RiverPark/Gravity Long-Biased Fund (tickers: RGLZX, institutional; RGLBX, retail), managed by Adam Seessel, a former analyst for the Baron Funds and a portfolio manager at the Davis Funds.
Seessel makes his analysis within the context of the role these kinds of small businesses played in Downtown New York before the attack and their prospects for the future.
It is sub-advised by Gravity Capital Management LLC, with Adam Seessel serving as portfolio manager.