Albert, U.S. embryologist, 1850-1910. See: Seessel pocket, Seessel pouch.
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See Ben Seessel, Comment, The Bermuda Reinsurance 'Loophole': A Case Study of Tax Shelters and Tax Havens in the Globalizing Economy, 32 U.
By conservative estimates, alcoholics are costing their employers a minimum of one-quarter of their annual salary each year," notes Seessel (1987).
Environmental Reporting: Adam Seessel, the Independent Weekly, Durham, North Carolina.
As one observer pointed out to Art Seessel, president of the Memphis, Tenn.
Seessel III explained that the company wasn't about to overshadow in any way the quality and service image it had projected for over a century.
Art and Jerry Seessel Steve's Big Star #101 (A) Memphis, Tenn.
Art & Jerry Seessel EAST CENTRAL REGION Albion Super Valu (D) Albion, Ind.
Albertson's, whose 2,541 stores include the Osco and Savon drug chains as well as food and drug outlets under the Albertsons, Acme Markets, Jewel Food Stores, Seessels, Super Saver Jewel/Osco and Max Food & Drug names, employs 235,000 people in 36 states.
98 Albertson's Seessels Holdings of Bruno's 10 Nov.