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n 1. an omission of that which should be done.
v 2. to fail to fulfill an obligation or a promise.
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The vibrant discussion session dwelt on concerns of hosting secured transactions registry, use of intangible assets as collateral, enforcement issues and the attendant potential for conflict during enforcement as well as partial credit repayments.
an inventory of the recent or on-going reforms and initiatives and how the secured transactions reforms would fit with them;
explore the law of secured transactions through a series of problems meant to encourage law students to concentrate on the exact statutory language in the Uniform Commercial Code and related federal statutes.
said: "The applications provided by the software we are creating exceed industry standards for secured transactions and are a vital part of the nature of Secure Transaction International Corporation's business, greatly increasing the security of Internet transactions.
With CommercePac, the division of Dense-Pac, we will have an Internet site that will supplement our ability to provide what our customers demand, fast, convenient and secured transactions that will provide them with the ability to purchase quality footwear.
Stephen Gesner, Associate Vice President Cash Management Services (TD Bank), feels "that before TD Bank conducts secured transactions over the Internet, we must ensure that our customers are protected with a 'bulletproof' security system.