secondary metabolite

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sec·on·dar·y me·tab·o·lite

a metabolite synthesized in a step in secondary metabolism.

secondary metabolite

a product of microbial cells in culture when growth is slowing down. While having no obvious role in the cellular physiology of the producer, secondary metabolites are sometimes most useful to humans, e.g. as antibiotics. Compare PRIMARY METABOLITE.
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Furthermore, 13c- and 14c-labelling experiments will be performed to trace the fate of carbon from primary to secondary metabolites.
I loved the time I spent with founder Caroline Ingraham learning the ropes, and about the all-important secondary metabolites in plants
Plants synthesize secondary metabolites in order to adapt and resist harmful environmental influences such as high temperatures and intense UV radiation.
Phytochemical analysis demonstrated the presence of higherquantities of carbohydrates, proteins and secondary metabolites in methanol compared to other extracting solvents.
Medicinal plants and microbe are a rich source of secondary metabolites.
0 ug/ml) was selected for further investigation on its secondary metabolites.
The application of non-essential elements (NEEs) is a technique used to increase secondary metabolites (SMs) in plants.
Other chapters address silicon-mediated regulations of genes and secondary metabolites under abiotic and biotic stress; the role of silicon in plant roots and their response to elevated concentrations of heavy metals; silicon uptake and translocation mechanisms; mechanisms in the alleviation of chromium toxicity through silicon; the beneficial impact of silicon for cadmium toxicity, in improving drought tolerance, crop improvement, and in the regulation of the antioxidant defense systems against abiotic stresses; silicon nutrition and rice crop improvement in Iran; and the efficacy of silicon against aluminum toxicity.
Contamination of nuts by the fungus Aspergillus and by aflatoxins, produced from infections as secondary metabolites, cause serious economic and health-related problems.
After this, the secondary metabolites of the fungus was separated from mycelia by vacuum filtration.
Although good growth may occur in many media, secondary metabolites may only be produced in a specific medium (Bentley and Kiel, 1962).

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