secondary metabolism

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sec·on·dar·y me·tab·o·lism

metabolic processes in which substances (such as pigments, alkaloids, or terpenes) are only synthesized in certain types of tissues or cells or are only synthesized under certain conditions.
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Cultivated tobacco (nicotiana tabacum) and its close australian relative nicotiana benthamiana, Are preferred species in molecular farming due to their favourable features: Non-food crops, Easy tissue regeneration, High productivity, Rich secondary metabolism and availability of genetic tools.
When the plant is elicited, one of two actions occurs: certain elements classified as non-essential are present in the ion flux, and they can stimulate SM synthesis; or NEEs present in a minimum quantity exert pressure in the cell that favors a secondary metabolism pathway.
Anthelmintic activities of plants are majorly useful due to unique secondary metabolism [5].
During an attack or infection, for many plants, the secondary metabolism accelerates; the biosynthesis of new compounds (phytoalexins) takes place and the concentration of the already existing compounds increases [63].
plant secondary metabolites as an information channel mediating community-wide interactions, and metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of plant secondary metabolism.
This canbe explained by the absence of the specific elicitorphytoalexinfor the gene expression of these plants, since it is of secondary metabolism products that is required phenotypic changes elicited by the action of biotic or abiotic agents.
Plant secondary metabolism and challenges in modifying its operation: an overview.
Influence of carbohydrates on secondary metabolism in Fusarium avenaceum.
Another important issue is the knowledge of biochemical changes occurring during the cell development that may aid in the morphogenetic process during the cultivation, besides allowing the identification of substances of the primary and secondary metabolism.
Gut microflora, particularly in the colon, play host to bacteria that can significantly influence aspects of human health through their secondary metabolism.

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