Seattle Committee

A group in Seattle, Washington, that met regularly in the 1960s to decide the ‘social worth’ of patients needing haemodialysis, which at the time was limited in availability
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The issue in the debate over the Seattle committee was the contemporary echo of an ancient Hippocratic phrase: "into whatever houses I enter .
Whether its birthday was 9 November 1962, the date of the Life article about the Seattle committee, or 16june 1966, the day Beecher's article on the ethics of research appeared in NEJM, or 31 March 1976, when the New Jersey Supreme Court rendered its decision In the Matter of Karen Ann Quinlan, all these events pushed medical ethics out of its past into its future.
Cast and crew will join special guests, including the playwright and relatives of the actual Seattle committee members, for discussion and analysis following each Sunday matinee performances.

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