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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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Financial Chronicle has reported citing a senior company official as saying, 'We'll launch the 15-18 seater small bus on the light commercial vehicle platform and 32-42 seater bus on the medium commercial vehicle platform in a few months.
It's one of those rare family cars which make other four seaters look positively bland and uninspiring.
Make no mistake about it, while the forfour might be funky it is also a very good four seater car at a sensible price.
Ektorp two seater sofa CASH; Rosie large sofa CHEQUE; Haywood two-seater sofa CREDIT
It also boasts a FlexSpace seating configuration that transforms the interior from a five seater with 350 litre of luggage space into a two seater giving a flat 1.
The 75,000 seater Millennium Stadium and Cardiff City's new 25,000 seater stadium could both be used as World Cup venues, and surely the Millennium Stadium would be a boost to any World Cup bid.
European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is set to win approval from its parent company EADS for its new 250 seater A350 aircraft which will compete with rival Boeing's 7E7 aircraft.
95; Two seater sofa support (100cm x 50cm) pounds 14.
The 612 Scaglietti is a 2+2 seater with a top speed of 196 mph.