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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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three seater, blue, for trade purposes, registered May 20, 1914.
Make no mistake about it, while the forfour might be funky it is also a very good four seater car at a sensible price.
95; Two seater sofa support (100cm x 50cm) pounds 14.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of Medium/Heavy Bus 16 Seater Bus (AC), 16 Seater Bus (Non AC), 32 Seater Bus (AC), 32 Seater Bus (Non AC), 52 Seater Bus (AC), 52 Seater Bus (Non AC), for Force Hqrs, SSB, R.
The car can be transformed from a five-seater into a single- seater load carrier without having to remove any seats.
Limited Tenders are invited for Please Quote Your Lowest Price For Providing Pick Up And Drop Facilty For Non Managemet Staff At Hyderabad Lpg Plant For The Two Year Please Quote Your Lowest Price For Both 12 Seater Vehicle And 7 Seater Vehicle.
Our winners will get a short instruction on the theory and secrets of Single Seater racing, before heading out on to the circuit to take their place on the starting grid.
The sofa costs from pounds 329 for a two-seater to pounds 429 for a three- seater, and the covers come in natural, navy, wine, terracotta and green.
THE new Hiace Crew Cab and Hiace LWB 14/15 seater minibuses (above) join the full range of Toyota's light commercial vehicles on display at the 2001 LCV show this week at the NEC.