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Molecular medicine A popular term for the configuration of FSH’s beta-subunit which wraps around and stabilises the beta-FSH dimer, critical for binding of FSH to its receptor. See FSH
Public health A nylon strap with a quick-release buckle—a waist belt, shoulder belt, or harness—in a motor vehicle, intended to minimise jostling in an MVA; nonuse of seat belts is a major factor in RTA/MVA-related morbidity and mortality
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Sixty per cent people killed in road accidents in Abu Dhabi during the past nine months were not wearing seatbelts, according to traffic authorities.
The traffic police continue to spread awareness among motorists about the importance of wearing seatbelts and how it can protect their lives in case of accidents, he said.
Insp Pitt continued: "The aim of this campaign is to keep people as safe on our roads as we possibly can, and by raising awareness of the need for seatbelts and the appropriate child car restraints, we hope to reduce the numbers of people seriously injured, and potentially killed, across Cleveland and Durham.
Audible reminders, stricter law enforcement and user-friendly seatbelts are a few ways to change seatbelt culture.
Of the 14 tests, 11 had a lower HIC36 value in CRS installed using inflatable seatbelts compared to the CRS installed using the standard seatbelt.
Police are planning an island-wide seatbelt campaign in the week starting Monday, August 15, as part of efforts to prevent and reduce road traffic collisions, particularly serious and fatal ones.
Those who fail to wear their seatbelts whilst driving or as a passenger can be fined and prosecuted.
Passengers over 14 years are responsible for wearing their own seatbelt and can therefore face prosecution.
gov/parents is devoted to the campaign and offers tips to motivate tweens to buckle up, information on how to know when a child is ready to use an adult seatbelt, and more.
MORE than 1,200 drivers and passengers have been stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt, as part of a two-week Wales-wide campaign.
More than 1,400 drivers per week are being stopped in Abu Dhabi for not wearing seatbelts.
Motorists prosecuted for seatbelt offences included several parents caught allowing their children to travel without being securely strapped in.