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Carl E., U.S. psychologist, 1866-1949. See: Seashore test.
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Gulf Islands National Seashore announced the completion of a five month preservation project at Fort Pickens.
We are learning all about beaches, seashores, rock pools and the animals that live at the seashore and under the sea using the lovely story of Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson.
Parts of Iran's oil should be exported from Southeastern Makran seashores, Jahangiri said.
Though it seems that it is still enjoying the best descriptions of a pure water, water clean from pollution and all sewage that pours into many other seashores, it is still empty of any tourism spot.
With the shutter kept open for over a quarter of an hour, rivers, meadows, mountains, and seashores are illuminated almost like daybreak, but the atmosphere is different: a mild glow emanates even from the shadows, star-lines cross the sky, and water blankets the earth like a misty froth.
18 ( ANI ): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sought further clarifications from the Secretary, Revenue Department, Government of Kerala and District Collector, Kannur for not explaining the legislative and administrative actions taken for preventing illegal and indiscriminate sand mining from the seashores in the State.
The story of wartime seashores was not so bright for Americans on other beaches farther from home.
Climate change is already adversely affecting seven national seashores on the Atlantic Coast, from Cape Cod to Cape Canaveral, and those impacts will dramatically worsen if heat-trapping pollution is not reduced, according to a new report from the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization (RMCO) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).
Ten years ago, the Park Service banned Jet Skis and other personal watercraft from its lakes and national seashores, raising hopes that once again, visitors might be able to hear the sound of waves lapping quietly on a shoreline.
The latest in the "Guide to Plants and Animals" series from Fulcrum Publishing, America's Seashores Guide To Plants And Animals is a softcover children's picturebook introduction to the plants, animals, and natural wonders of the seashore.
Parks and plates; the geology of our national parks, monuments, and seashores.
What we need is pollution-free water with streams, rivers, lakes, seashores, and major harbours developed along our coasts whereby the commercial fishing industry could create jobs in isolated areas.