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Carl E., U.S. psychologist, 1866-1949. See: Seashore test.
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Since spring 2003, Seashore Charters has been owned and operated by Metlakatla Development Corporation, a joint venture of the Tsimshian communities of Kitkatla and Metlakatla.
What we need is pollution-free water with streams, rivers, lakes, seashores, and major harbours developed along our coasts whereby the commercial fishing industry could create jobs in isolated areas.
Both the NPS at Assateague National Seashore and the FWS at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge had built high dunes on the island to protect park facilities and habitat for wildlife.
Both city dwellers, Sally and Alice were so captivated by coastal chic that they've not only adopted it for their own homes but also devised a 'beach blueprint', so we can all join the seashore gang, and embrace the style or enjoy some of its key elements.
Every summer, 20 to 25 teenagers descend upon Seashore Gardens Living Center in Galloway Township, New Jersey, to gain valuable work experience, as well as interact with the facility's residents by volunteering in the organization's Summer Sizzler Youth Program within the recreation department.
In this book of simple rhymes, toddlers will delight at seeing mothers of all races spending fun time with their children, going to places such as the market and the seashore.
95, 60 minutes) introduces the state's many eclectic and fun features ranging from Annapolis, the Woodwind Schooners, and PRS Guitars, to America's first sailing school, Ocean City, Assateague Island National Seashore, Blue Crabbing, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in Crisfield, and so many more fun locations.
Riverbank and seashore in nineteenth and twentieth century British literature.
The RMCO/NRDC report documents that Fire Island National Seashore (NS) in New York, Assateague Island NS in Maryland and Virginia, Cape Hatteras NS and Cape Lookout NS, both in North Carolina, and Canaveral NS in Florida, all have a majority of their lands less than one meter (3.
The 40-second commercial, titled River, Seashore and More.
In addition to the large print life cycle story with detailed, accurate illustrations of herring gulls and other creatures of the Atlantic seashore, a paragraph of added information about the herring gull, plus a brief glossary and list of other inhabitants of the Atlantic seashore and ocean found in the illustrations is given.
Patricia Seashore doesn't like to sound off about it, but she knows better than most that there's more to a vehicle horn than a simple beep-beep or honk-honk.