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Noble Sproat, U.S. gynecological surgeon and obstetrician, 1880-1955. See: Heaney operation.
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Consisting of the proceedings of the eighth Seamus Heaney Lecture Series, held in Dublin, Ireland, in 2015, the seven essays in this volume consider aspects of the history of education in Ireland and Europe from 1650 to 2000.
I first met Seamus Heaney in June 1992 in Caen, at a rather extraordinary conference once again organized by Jacqueline Genet.
Seamus Heaney has always lived in two places, and his poetry reflects it.
residencia de Seamus Heaney durante los ultimos 36 anos de su vida.
The Irish Times dedicated five pages of coverage to Seamus Heaney, which led somebody to comment on twitter that a world which still counts the death of a poet as headline news can't be all bad.
He said: "We remember the beauty of Seamus Heaney as a bard and today in particular in his being.
THE body of poet Seamus Heaney was taken to a Dublin church last night ahead of a funeral service for the Nobel Laureate today.
NOBEL poet laureate Seamus Heaney has been remembered as one of Ireland's finest literary minds following his death after a short illness.
Irish poet and playwright Seamus Heaney, who won the 1995 Nobel Prize for Literature, is one of the current seven holders of the title, which is held for life.
His friend and fellow poet, Seamus Heaney, and the actress, Juliet Stevenson, will be among those who give readings at the dedication ceremony next month.
Irish poet Seamus Heaney has been presented with the David Cohen Prize for Literature, in honour of his lifetime's work, by Poet Laureate Andrew Motion at a ceremony held at the British Library in London.
Seamus Heaney and Tony Harrison relate past to the present via using their own experiences.