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an agent that protects against access from the outside or leakage from the inside; called also sealer.
dental sealant a thin plastic coating put into the pits and fissures of teeth to act as a physical barrier to decay.


n a substance used to fill the space around silver or gutta-percha points in a pulp canal. Most contain some combination of zinc, barium, and bismuth salts and eugenol, Canadian balsam, and eucalyptol.


in meat hygiene terms, see shomer.
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We added a feature that allows customers to shop by industries and applications or by the vacuum sealer model itself.
Epoxy sealers are more difficult to apply and are the toughest, but they require special preparation of the surface.
AH Plus is considered as a gold standard to be compared with all new sealers [Brackett et al.
Along with ENSEAL G2 Super Jaw, the ENSEAL G2 Tissue Sealer line provides surgeons with the broadest portfolio of advanced bipolar tissue sealers to provide more options in both open and minimally invasive surgical procedures such as colorectal, gynecological and general surgery.
Coal tar-based sealers contain an average concentration of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) about 1,300 times greater than that found in asphalt-based sealers, (4) and in 2003 coal tar-based sealers became a suspect contributor to the elevated concentrations of PAHs in metropolitan areas.
One consistent finding of fluid transport model studies is that sealers have lower leakage rates when the sealer is the thinnest.
In previous hunts, sealers were required to make sure the animal had stopped blinking before taking off its pelt, a test that was unreliable and occasionally resulted in seals being skinned alive.
Manufactures sealers, which include automated inline blister and clamshell sealers, manual hot-bar sealers, impulse sealers and shuttle-style tray sealers.
Sometimes, alternative options are not always available, so thanks to products like Safety Seal and Hard Seal sealer products, people don't have to be exposed.
The Rival Seal-a-Meal Cord/Cordless Vacuum Food Sealer ($99.
In January 1931, a pre-release test screening in Hollywood confirmed Frissell's suspicions: audiences reacted positively to the naturally dramatic sequences of the sealers struggling out on the undulating Atlantic Ocean ice and negatively to the awkward narrative imposition of a melodrama involving two men vying for the love of one woman.
Tilia, the owner of patents covering the FoodSaver line of home vacuum sealers, commenced patent-infringement proceedings against Rival last year when Rival introduced new versions of its Seal-A-Meal home vacuum sealers.