sea sickness

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sea sick·ness

motion sickness occurring in boat travelers.


A permutation of motion sickness, which occurs when a  susceptible individual is subjected to the pitching and rolling of a ship, especially at the extreme fore or aft of the vessel.

sea sickness

Sickness caused by motion of a vessel while at sea.
See: motion sickness
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sea sickness

One of the several forms of MOTION SICKNESS.
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During filming, Todd and Nick endured 14 hours of sea-sickness on a replica 18th-Century ship.
The sense is plain enough, but an important link joining the images of the storm, of sea-sickness, and of the juice of wormwood has been missed by editors of the text.
The yacht's crew were all suffering badly from sea-sickness and needed considerable help.
The stunning 24-year-old turned her back on a life on the ocean wave for a modelling career - because she suffered from sea-sickness.
31pm, Kaye was hit by a bout of sea-sickness at five in the morning.
The Gladiator star had to go with the flow as the waves crashed round him, desperately trying to calm his queasy tummy by taking sea-sickness pills.
Keira also found herself exhausted when sea-sickness pills she downed on set had an unexpected side-effect.
Now in case this all sounds rather alarming (Mum) -- these buildings can withstand up to 80 knots (which we never get here) so my only trouble is sea-sickness which I get when the building sways in a gale.
She added: "At least the training should enable us to find our sea legs and find out whether we suffer from sea-sickness.
No more attacks of nocturnal sea-sickness when Tibbles leaps on to YOUR water bed in a wave of feline jealousy.
By now it was the early hours of the morning and most people on board were either asleep or prostrated with sea-sickness.
Despite completing the course in 4 hours and 36 minutes, a bout of sea-sickness at the half-way point almost stopped him in his tracks.