sea sickness

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sea sick·ness

motion sickness occurring in boat travelers.


A permutation of motion sickness, which occurs when a  susceptible individual is subjected to the pitching and rolling of a ship, especially at the extreme fore or aft of the vessel.

sea sickness

Sickness caused by motion of a vessel while at sea.
See: motion sickness
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sea sickness

One of the several forms of MOTION SICKNESS.
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Fishing a sharpy boom and a squid on the hook, Jack forgot all about his sea sickness to witness other rods on the boat begin to take plenty of rays to 9lb within this Mersey Thornback territory.
After setting off from sunny Palma de Majorca, the ship sailed gracefully towards Sicily and all my fears of sea sickness disappeared.
With at least one in five passengers susceptible to sea sickness, liners only had to be over the Mersey Bar for the Irish Sea's hostility to make its queasy presence felt.
No easy task for the athletes who may have to run at night while suffering from the effects of sea sickness.
e crew can be called out on all kinds of emergencies - to help people whose boats are sinking or those taken ill at sea - even down to sea sickness.
e weather was very bad and the unfortunate sergeant was prostrate with sea sickness.
AM lucky enough never to have suffered sea sickness, or the dreaded "mal de mer", and having seen anglers on boats wishing they were dead and having to suffer the indignity of mickey-taking from others, there is some good news on the horizon.
We have a store of sea sickness bags hoarded from every boat we've ever been on and a pile of wet wipes at the ready.
Mal Hughes, from Llantwit Fardre, suffered from sea sickness all day but still came second and Clive Marsh, from Penygraig, was third.
Continued I have to admit to packing sea sickness tablets having heard horror stories about the rough, stormy seas in the Bay, but on this crossing although the sea's not the mill pond we hoped for we thankfully do not need the sea sickness tablets.
The team are 50 nautical miles ahead of the previous record holders at the same time - despite a lack of any help from trade winds and problems with sea sickness.
But Angie revealed the trip wasn't all plain sailing after many fellow passengers suffered from bouts of sea sickness in the heaving southern oceans.