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A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "When told the cashbox was empty, the man used the screw driver to force open the internal cab door.
Basically, down to one obstinate locking seal on a faulty cargo door, and repairs left to one man with a hammer and screw driver, the overall trip turned intoa50-hour marathon.
Mr Bradley, the 43-year-old victim, was sprayed in the eyes with a mystery chemical, struck over the back with a metal crowbar and stabbed three times with a screw driver.
Actually, if I'd known what I was doing and had tool skills, it probably would have taken an hour and a half to create, but the last time I'd even held a hammer or screw driver was in woodshop when I was in junior high school,'' Ledoux said, adding that the table saw made him a little nervous with his fingers next to the blade.
It describes how easily a thief can pop a lock, the instructional book well-circulated in their trade that helps them break into keyless cars, how they employ a hacksaw to cut the steering wheel in half, pull off the lock bar, and work a screw driver through the steering column to access the ignition, and how they drive away in 60 seconds or less.
Tenders are invited for Supply of following item-Lineman Safety Belt Quantity & Unit: 1252 No,Insulated Cutting Piter 8" Inch 2482 No,Insulated Screw Driver 12" Inch 2482 No,Insulated Screw Driver 8" Inch 2482 No,Pencil Type Neon Tester 2482 No,Helmet (with AC voltage Sensor) 1252 No,Canvas Bag 2482 No,Rubber Hand Gloves (Pair) 2482 Pair
If you attempt to remove the bushings from the receiver using a screw driver, if the bushing is staked-in" variety, it'll be be ruined and will have to be destroyed by the pair of vise grips needed to get it unscrewed.
Tools 18v hammer action drill and masonry drill bit 18v drill driver and screw driver bits and a 4mm wood drill bit Tape measure Pencil Hand saw Materials Wooden handrail Brackets 8mm raw plugs 10mm screws 2inches long STEP 1 Make sure you measure your stairs before purchasing your handrail.
Two men, carrying a crow bar and screw driver, stole cigarettes and scratchcards from Bell Service Station in Belbroughton, Worcestershire, at around 1.
Rather than requiring an assembly line worker to tweak a potentiometer with a screw driver, ZiLOG's ZSBI050 Programmable Timer is automatically programmed through its serial interface.
Of course we know that a determined person will be able to access a killing tool - be it a screw driver, axe or kitchen knife.
Tenders are invited for Supply of cat b store Tool Box Steel Qty: 5 Hammer Ball Pin 1 Kg Qty: 5 Screw Driver 12" Qty:5 Screw Driver 8" Qty: 5 File Flat 12" (Fine) Qty: 2 File Flat 12" (Rough) Qty: 3 Nose Plier Qty: 5 Hand Grinding Wheel Stone (Size 230 X 6 X 22.