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A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "When told the cashbox was empty, the man used the screw driver to force open the internal cab door.
The mighty Nu-power 24-Volt Rechargeable Hammer Drill certainly packs a punch and two high-capacity batteries, 80 pc accessory set, and a FREE cordless screw driver makes it excellent value for money at just pounds 69.
Rather than requiring an assembly line worker to tweak a potentiometer with a screw driver, ZiLOG's ZSBI050 Programmable Timer is automatically programmed through its serial interface.
TOOLS 18v hammer-action drill and masonry drill bit 18v drill driver and screw driver bits and a 4mm wood drill bit Tape measure Pencil Hand saw MATERIALS Wooden handrail Brackets 8mm rawl plugs 10mm screws 2inches long 1.
Of course we know that a determined person will be able to access a killing tool - be it a screw driver, axe or kitchen knife.
Materials : Glue Coloured wood filler Tools : Circular saw Strap clamps Vacuum cleaner Flat-head screw driver 1.
This is usually accomplished with the aid of a bar wrench and screw driver.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Cordless Screw Driver, Gsr7.
The only expertise required to install Supra's new plug and play faxmodems is the ability to use a screw driver.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Shrouded Screw Driver Operated Stud Type, Non-Disconnecting Type Terminal Block, As Per Annx-1, It-01.