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Large-scale screen scraping could make an account holder's system unstable or contribute to increased system upgrade and service costs for the account holder.
The information can be formed any way the company wants, unlike the limitations of screen scraping.
CA worked with us to create a HostBridge interface that provides access to the Advantage CA-Ideal applications without screen scraping on the middle tier or the Front End Programming Interface on the mainframe.
Verastream was selected based on its ability to access mainframe data by building business models from CICS screens and capture the appropriate information from the datastream, not just screen scraping.
So our clients can go beyond simple screen scraping by providing real-time data that can significantly enhance customer loyalty.
These adapters give all the advantages of component architectures, including performance and scalability, without the disadvantages of traditional screen scraping.
Front-end options, such as screen scraping, were too slow and couldn't handle the amount of traffic we anticipated.
Development incorporating online aggregation services will help to fuel the increasing momentum of electronic bill consolidation with new products that move beyond current biller-direct, simple screen scraping, and even traditional consolidation to offer greater value and greater functionality to consumers.
He reviewed different levels of integration projects, from simple screen scraping to full integration architectures, and examined the business value that each approach offers.