Scottish terrier

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Scottish terrier, Scottie

a small (19-23 lb) thickset dog with short legs. The coat is hard and wiry, trimmed to a short length on the body but allowed to be full and longer on the legs, under the body, and over the eyes and around the muzzle where it forms a beard. It may be black, wheaten or brindled. The head is long and the ears sharply pointed and erect. The tail is docked to a medium length and carried upright. Called also 'diehard'. The breed is affected by Scottie cramp, craniomandibular osteopathy, cystinuria, von Willebrand's disease and atopic dermatitis.
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Scottish terrier.
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But that kind of hands-on attention to a creature like the small, indignant Scottie gives Bush his requisite dash of homeyness: Why, I'm not a president hellbent on war, but a man in his country overcoat, going for a romp with a wee Scottish terrier on a misty spring morn as I evoke images of Siegfried and Tristan on the BBC production of ``All Creatures Great and Small.
The owner of the Scottish terrier was on a public footpath with his collie dog last Thursday.
I loved the fact that it poked fun at Scottish stereotypes like Irn-Bru and the Loch Ness Monster and it was a lovely touch to have each team led out by a Scottish terrier.
Toddy is a 14-month-old brindle Scottish terrier who lives with Peter and June Swinney in Stranraer.
There is now a statue of the Scottish Terrier in Edinburgh.
Bella, a six-year-oldspringer spaniel, from Newcastle, who as a result of her ever-increasing waistline is nicknamed "Big Bell Oakley, a six-year-old golden retriever, from Plymouth, who enjoys nothing more than to share a couple of rich tea biscuits and snuggle up on the sofa with his owner Hamish, a six-year-old Scottish terrier, from Cheshire, whose cheeky nature means he often sneaks extra titbits from the bin but now he cannot run around without getting puffed out Buster, a six-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, from London, who tries to eat sensibly but like many of us has difficulty losing those extra pounds Georgie, a nine-year-old cat, from Bexleyheath, Kent, whose tubby tum prevents him from being able to move far.
Best in Show runner up was a Scottish Terrier called Puzzle,owned by Jane Miller,of Bracknell, Berkshire.
DOREEN PEMBERTON aged 70, of Wallace Road, Keresley, sent in this picture of her black Scottish terrier named GARTH.
Leeds are desperate to have the Scottish terrier who was brilliant in the Euro 96 campaign and has been a long-term target of the Elland Road boss.
In a nod to the 21st Century, the classic race car has been replaced with an environmentally-friendly hybrid Toyota Prius, the old shoe has been given the boot in favor of a New Balance running shoe, and the hip labradoodle takes the place of the Scottish terrier.
Scottish Terrier Club show, Cochrane Hall, Alva, 10.
With a national election just weeks away, one new release that is certain to appeal to every caucus group is this lively biography of a perky Scottish terrier who became internationally known as the first pet and close companion of Franklin Delano Roosevelt over the last five years of his life.

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