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A regional term for cocaine

Scottish terrier, Scottie

a small (19-23 lb) thickset dog with short legs. The coat is hard and wiry, trimmed to a short length on the body but allowed to be full and longer on the legs, under the body, and over the eyes and around the muzzle where it forms a beard. It may be black, wheaten or brindled. The head is long and the ears sharply pointed and erect. The tail is docked to a medium length and carried upright. Called also 'diehard'. The breed is affected by Scottie cramp, craniomandibular osteopathy, cystinuria, von Willebrand's disease and atopic dermatitis.
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Scottish terrier.
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Twitter was awash with messages from fans who said the team of 40 Scotties were the true stars of the show, with MPs and celebrities all signalling their affection for Scotland's favourite son.
Since Harvey is silent on the issue, Scottie visits Jessica to know what is happening, as it will taint her as well.
The most interesting aspect of Makkai's argument regards Scottie's fascination with those who lack a gaze: "I take it that Scottie is attracted to the idea of a woman who, at least intermittently, is dispossessed of a gaze, and is lured by the hope of encountering her in the flesh--the experience, that is, of seeing her, and not being seen by her.
In his later chapter, Wood emphasises the film's emphatic separation of Scottie and Midge for much of the scene, 'each [character's] space defined by the framing and by its own significant object (the model brassiere, Scottie's cane) prominent throughout each series' (ibid: 381).
The conception of the Little Scottie comic is an interesting one.
I would like to thank Scottie for the great joy he gave me and my family and wish him well for the future.
Here's to hoping that Scottie Pippen won't be the only famous second fiddle with the initials ``S.
One suspects the Scottie won't have to put up with people suggesting that it is stingy for much longer as Netto considers going walkies over the border.
The Scottie now lives with Robert and his wife in Hertfordshire.
We are excited to bring the first product to market that truly expands the capabilities and extends the life of the millions of Palm IIIs being used by mobile professionals worldwide," said Scottie Jack, President and CEO of Parachute Technologies, LLC.
Scottie, who fathered the zoo's three remaining giraffes, was born at Whipsnade Zoo before being moved to Twycross Zoo, near Nuneaton, at the age of eight months.