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A regional term for cocaine

Scottish terrier, Scottie

a small (19-23 lb) thickset dog with short legs. The coat is hard and wiry, trimmed to a short length on the body but allowed to be full and longer on the legs, under the body, and over the eyes and around the muzzle where it forms a beard. It may be black, wheaten or brindled. The head is long and the ears sharply pointed and erect. The tail is docked to a medium length and carried upright. Called also 'diehard'. The breed is affected by Scottie cramp, craniomandibular osteopathy, cystinuria, von Willebrand's disease and atopic dermatitis.
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Scottish terrier.
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Judy is in front of Scottie, so he cannot see her face, which means she can permit herself a pause and a glance which acknowledge the repetition.
And as Scottie says, "The tiresome thing about getting what you want is that you always have to lose what you had".
Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road - The Play is supported by funding raised by The National Lottery and awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
I think he's caught in the middle and he doesn't know what to believe," he said when asked if Tom believes Scottie isn't who she really is.
And in his most important piece of team news, Warnock has confirmed that Scottie has shaken off the jet-lag from his international duty in America last weekend to go head-to-head with Beanie.
A Scottie is akin to a hunkered-down hermit, sticking to his guns and standing his ground, no matter what anyone says.
Caroline Bailey and all at Holdenby North Lodge, past and present, for their love, care and attention to produce Scottie at such a high level to show his great skill and talent.
Just having Scottie in the lineup is big for us," coach Maurice Cheeks said.
These two sequences plus a third, in which Scottie rescues Madeleine after she jumps into the bay, lead up to Scottie taking Madeleine to his apartment.
Scottie Mayfield Announces Which Flavor Takes a Permanent Spot in the Freezer
IN A RECENT column, I reflected on the latest Lost Tribe of Everton & Scottie Road street reunion, at St George's Church, where I unexpectedly met a demolition man who had helped to knock down some of the most famous old streets in the city.