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Drug slang
A regional term for PCP, crack cocaine, or (drug-produced) smoke.
Occupational medicine
A suspension of liquid droplets in air.


Aerosolized liquid or particles.


n.pr an acronym for Medical Information Service via Telephone. MIST is a consultation service offered by some state-operated university medical centers.

Patient discussion about mist

Q. How long do you want to stay in the mist? I appreciate each one of you. You are open-minded and you desire to learn. So I invite you to go through my questions and answers to learn very fast if you like to. Of course it is always nice to make a break sometimes. Take a glass of water, mark regularly your territory and stay with the iMedix-crew in touch. We are very thankful to have you with us.

A. Life is something beautiful. Nature too, and your body (your boat, if you prefer, because you are the captain of your boat), is a part of this nature. The more you understand nature, the better you will understand your body. For that you don't have to be a scientist, a doctor or a university professor. Just be yourself, with your brain between your ears and always testing and asking the things behind. So you will soon understand better what is going around. Stay safe and take care of yourself.

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Views on a good day can stretch as far as Ben Nevis but can often be blighted by a bad dose of Scotch mist.
The barbershop handling is not all nor the tweeds, the cheviot, the Scotch mist, nor the flame orange scarf.
Ken, who plays in the band Scotch Mist, said the instruments are worth "thousands".
In a Scotch mist (naturally) this enormous ship, carrying 3,100 passengers, threaded her way among islands such as Isla, Jura, Mull and past its picturesque capital Tober mory.
The Irish bid from the Comer brothers has so far turned out to be Scotch mist, as has his attempt to put the club up for sale though city experts Rothschilds, who handled the Manchester United takeover.
A CAST will emerge like Scotch mist when the musical, Brigadoon, is performed on the Coventry stage next week.