Scooby Snacks

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A regional term for MDMA, aka ecstasy, a psychoactive drug, which is named in reference to the cartoon Scooby-Doo
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For this alone it has to be a production that's worth its weight in Scooby snacks.
Young Cat admires her beloved camper van then jumps for joy on a trampoline; Cat's real camper van is even more fun than the toy version Greek cruise visits Santorini; Stunning scenery had Cat crying out for Ben More; Cat rustles up a Scooby snack on VW's gas stove
IF you fancy a Scooby snack, head for Atlantic Wharf in Cardiff Bay on Sunday, when the Spooky Island Tour hits town.
Sadly this is just a slightly stale, rather shaggy scooby snack of a song.
THESE canine cartoon capers begin well, but end up desperately needing a Scooby snack.
In "Recipe for Disaster," Shaggy wins a tour of the Scooby Snacks factory but winds up battling a monster oozing with slimy Scooby Snack sludge.
They will even do you a Scooby snack which consists of a hot dog and skinny fries.
This bumper box set celebrating Huey and co's 1996 debut, featuring hits Scooby Snacks and King of New York, is a real feast for fans.
Big party numbers like Scooby Snacks and The Fun Lovin' Criminal were always going to do the damage, but even more laid-back album tracks like Smoke 'Em and I Can't Get With That were greeted like old friends and met with roars of approval.
Certainly songs like Scooby Snacks and the brilliant King Of New York generated the biggest cheers, while highlights from the encore included the wonderful Love Unlimited with its "Barry White saved my life" refrain getting the biggest call and response of the evening and the hit Loco.