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1. the act of viewing or of achieving a complete visual impression of an object.
2. use of a person's own imagination and positive thinking to reduce stress or promote healing.


/vis·u·al·iza·tion/ (vizh″oo-al-ĭ-za´shun)
1. the act of viewing or of achieving a complete visual impression of an object.
2. the process of forming a mental picture of something.


1. The act or process of visualizing.
2. The use of mental images to influence bodily processes, control pain, or prepare for athletic or other kinds of performance.


an effective means of deepening relaxation and desensitizing a real-life situation that is generally met with stress and tension. The imagery combines positive experiences with actual or perceived negative events or situations in an effort to desensitize the person to the trauma. Also called guided imagery, visual imagery.


The process of making an internal organ visible. A radiopaque substance is introduced into the body, then an x-ray picture of the desired area is taken.


the process of forming symbolic mental representations of objects, events or actions, which may be in any of the sensory modes. In sport psychology the effective and deliberate use of imagery is considered to be one of the fundamental mental skills for sports performers and is used for mental rehearsal, motivation, relaxation and stress management. external imagery is that engaged in from a third person perspective as if an external observer were watching the person doing the imaging; internal imagery is that engaged in from the first-person perspective of the person doing the imaging. In kinaesthetic imagery the person images bodily movements or sensations. In visual imagery the person creates a mental picture of an object, event or action, also known as visualization. See also psychoneuromuscular theory.


n structured technique in which the individual uses his or her imagination to create images of desired life changes. See also relaxation and visualization.


1. The ability to form a mental image of an object not present in the field of view.
2. Synonym for imagery. Example: visualizing the face of a person speaking on the radio. See imagery.


the act of viewing or of achieving a complete visual impression of an object.

Patient discussion about visualization

Q. Can visual aura alone be migraine? I'm 21 years old girl, and for the last six years, about once a week, when I wake up from night sleep all I see in my left eye is a very bright light. After some time my vision returns. In the last few weeks it became more frequent and also starts to happen in the other eye. I consulted my doctor and she told me it's not an important thing, and that it's probably a specific type of migraine. However, I don't have any pain at all. Does anyone else have this? Is it possible for migraine to occur only with aura, without any pain?

A. Hi,

I'm sorry to hear about your problem. Whatever your doctor told you, you should know that if it bothers you, it IS an "important thing". I also suffer from similiar thing (only visual disturbances after I wake up, without any pain), and when my doctor prescribed me meds they went away. You should consult your doctor again and ask him for a solution for this thing.

Q. What are the visual distinctions between thermal burns and frostbite? Is it possible to definitively distinguish the two from each other in all cases, or do they present identically in many cases? In other words, are frostbite injuries-for all intents and purposes, actual burns and if they are not, in what ways do they differ?

A. Early frostbite and minor burns may resemble one another visually (by whitened, blanched looking skin, and blister formation). However, last stage frostbite and thermal (heat) burns are very different.
In late stage frostbite, the ice crystals in the cells melt and the ruptured cells pour out their contents, then blisters may form. Since the affected area has basically lost circulation, gangrene sets in rather quickly and the tissue turns black and dry.
Deep (full thickness) heat related burns are surrounded by areas of erythema (reddened skin) and skin with less degrees of burning. Also, eschar is obviously charred skin tissue forming a scab like structure, and looks nothing like gangrene. The wound bed in a burn leaks plasma constantly. Blistering is pretty immediate with heat related burns of a sufficient degree.

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Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore the breakthroughs in scientific visualization and add this as a stop in your SC11 experience.
It's still something of a technical challenge--it's not easy to do, but high-quality scientific visualization is now within the technical and cost constraints of most research and educational institutions.
The workshop discussion prompted Welling to propose and circulate a set of guidelines for doing scientific visualization.
E[acute accent]mental images(R), founded in 1986, is the recognized international leader in providing rendering software to the entertainment, computer-aided design, scientific visualization, architecture, and other industries that require sophisticated images.
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In addition to its use by researchers in medicine, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science and a broad range of other disciplines, AVS is also an important tool at UCI for introducing scientific visualization in undergraduate courses.
Providing advanced computing resources and services to support computationally intensive research nationwide, the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing supports a variety of research projects, including scientific visualization, geoinformatics and climate modeling, which is used to accurately predict future weather patterns.
Named in Fortune Magazine's list of fastest growing companies two years in a row, Silicon Graphics manufactures computers used in a variety of application areas -- scientific visualization, including satellite data analysis of global warming trends and weather patterns; computer-aided design; molecular modeling and computational chemistry, such as AIDS research and drug design; visual simulation and virtual reality; and special effects and animation used in such movies as "Terminator 2.
The SNL demonstration, located in the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) booth 402, will feature three advanced scientific visualization applications making use of eight visualization servers.
This powerful combination of hardware and software will greatly expand the usefulness of scientific visualization by giving scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and other technical professionals the ability to quickly visualize and explore data and mathematical models as part of their everyday work.
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This combination of hardware and software vastly expands the usefulness of scientific visualization and the ability of scientists, engineers and mathematicians and other technical professionals to quickly visualize and explore data and mathematical models.

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