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Classroom scientific experiments often do not rise to the level of inquiry since there is usually an explicit focus on learning and verifying "established knowledge" (Hanauer et al.
Biotech corporations have expanded on their scientific experiments with our fund by creating edible vaccines and pharmaceutical crops, Over 400 genetically altered "functional foods" are in development by twenty biotech corporations from around the world.
A licence cannot be granted by the Home Office to use cats in scientific experiments unless animals of no other species are suitable.
A team at some university or other ran a scientific experiment on ten people.
It plays with the idea of free will, but unlike a scientific experiment, its results can't be confirmed, just speculated about.
Certainly not by scientific experiment or computer calculation.
He has been commissioned to provide a colour calibration chart for a scientific experiment headed to the red planet.
First, clear your desk and prepare for a scientific experiment.
Channel 4 director of television, Kevin Lygo, said at the launch yesterday: ``This is a scientific experiment.
2) These bacteria are part of a controlled scientific experiment, but there are plenty of nasty germs lurking in the bodily fluids that scientists say are all around us.
But the only scientific experiment it resembles is vivisection - the carving up of two dumb bunnies for someone else's benefit.
They were buying time until they could figure out what to do, and beginning a unique scientific experiment.

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